Saturday, 8 May 2010

The Passing Years

Fragile little columns, alive with tiny dancing flames, candles on the birthday cake mark another passing year.

To the young, standing on the precipice of the unknown, they are beacons of hope. Blinded by eager vitality and abounding energy, the young have much to learn.

Year by year, as the candles grow plentiful, hope is replaced by loss – loss of time, loss of faith, evaporating hopes and dreams. Time waits for no man.

The little lights are illuminated every year, but just for a short while. Nothing lasts forever. All too quickly, their delicate glow extinguished, easily snuffed out with one breath. (Make a wish!)

What do we wish for? Health, happiness, love? We wish for what we can’t have - the merciless onward march of time ensures all these things will be gradually taken from us, never to be returned.

The little lights are illuminated every year … until they light no more.

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