Tuesday, 16 September 2014

William Wordsworth and the French Revolution

Follow this link to read my article exploring William Wordsworth involvement in, and thoughts on, the French Revolution.


Monday, 15 September 2014

Roddy Doyle. He's at it again. The writin', like

 – Come here. Do yeh know yer man, whatsisname, that writer fella from Dublin?
– Which one?
– The baldy one with the funny glasses.
– Joyce?
– Don’t be thick. Joyce wasn’t bald. I’m talkin’ about the one who wrote The Commitments.
– Wasn’t that a fillum, but?
– It was a book first. Do yeh know annythin’? Hang on – I have it now, yer man’s name – Roddy Doyle.
– Oh yeah. Wha’ abou’ him?
– Well, he’s at it again.
– At wha’?
– The writin’, like.
– Fuck sake. Does he ever stop?
– Don’t think so. There’s a word for that, y’know.
– Glutton for punishment?
– No. Prolific. Annyway, that’s three words.
– So what’s he writin’ abou’ this time?
– Another one of those Two Pints books. A sequel, like.
– Yeah, what’s it abou’, but?
– It’s a collection of conversations between two auld fellas, chewin’ the fat over a few pints of the black stuff.
– Sounds familiar, wha’?
– Yeah, ‘cept these two don’t talk shite like us. Well, not much. Annyway, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and all tha’.
– So what are they talkin’ abou’, these two pint drinkers?
Important stuff … like abortion, and the Pope, and Seamus Heaney …
– Who’s tha’?
– …and Richard III, and a topless Kate Middleton.
– Wouldn’t mind readin’ that one.
– Listen, would yeh? These two fellas are suppin’ away and philosophizin’ to beat the band. They really get yeh thinkin’.
– Insightful, like?
– Yeah. And funny too. Gas. They don’t think much of Bono, though.
– Sure, who does? ‘Cept Bono himself, like.
– True. I reckon auld Roddy is one of the lads. Despite all the writin’.
– I’d say you’re right there. Sound, like. Wouldn’t mind havin’ a pint with him myself.
– Speakin’ of which. Another one?

Two More Pints by Roddy Doyle is published by Jonathan Cape on 11 September 2014
With thanks to http://www.welovethisbook.com for the review copy.

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