Saturday, 17 April 2010

A meditation on Love

Browsing through a dusty old bookshop yesterday, I stumbled across this wonderful poem by Erich Fried. It is a mediation on the contradictory nature of love. Fried was an Austrian poet, who fled the Nazi Germany as a child (after his father was murdered by the Gestapo) and settled with his mother in England. He died in 1988.

What it is
It is nonsense/says Reason
It is what it is/says Love
It is unhappiness/says Caution
It is nothing but pain/says Fear
It is hopeless/says Insight
It is what it is/says Love
It is ridiculous/says Pride
It is careless/says Caution
It is impossible/says Experience
It is what it is/says Love
Erich Fried (1921 - 1988)

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